Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inko's White Tea Energy

A brand new product that came into the store today, an energy drink from Inko's that is a 'Jitter-Free Adult Energy Drink." It is a 'lightly' sweetened blend of black and white teas with lemon juice, ginger, ginseng and a few other things. Curious, I opened a can and gave it a whirl.

The lemon juice seems to be the dominant flavor. If I had to describe this tea in a word, it would be 'bleh.' I did not get an energy boost, but I did get an upset stomach for my troubles. I was not fond of this beverage, and I think the Steaz energy drink is better. I think just about any other source of caffeine is better.

If you see it and your are curious, you might like it, so give it a try, but it wasn't for me.

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Anonymous said...

i'm a huge white tea fan. i definitely must try this.