Thursday, August 2, 2007

Steaz Energy Drink

"Organic fuel for the mind, body and soul." Yep...this is going to be a fluff review.

We got this in not that long ago. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, just another new item, but tonight as I was leaving I noticed a shiny Fair Trade Certified logo. My interest was piqued, a FTC energy drink? So I dropped a can in the wine-chiller and gave it a go.

The ingredient list is a cornucopia of buzz words, acai, yerba mate, green tea, enough to make any fan of Oprah all giddy in the britches. The price isn't that bad, $1.99 for a 12 oz can, and it tastes much better than a Red Bull. Can't say I'll be craving in any time soon, but the flavor was pleasant enough. None of the ingredients stood out; they just sort of meshed together without complimenting one another, but have you tasted a Red Bull?

Its a decent enough beverage, but energy drinks have never been my thing. The thing that excites me are the ingredients, FTC Ceylon green, Guayaki yerba mate, part of Fair Trade Federation . It please me to see Fair Trade products expand to every day items. I'm waiting for a Fair Trade Snickers bar. Waiting, but not holding my breath.

Oh yeah, here's a link: Steaz


Brent said...

"...enough to make any fan of Oprah all giddy in the britches."

Classic! :)

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