Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Went to the Dentist today. Had a tooth pulled, so no tea today. Vicodin. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. My day is all shiny now.

In tea related news, it has been confirmed that Roy Fong from the Imperial Tea Court is coming out to my store in October. More on that later.


Mary R said...

Shiny? Sounds like someone's been watching a good bit of Firefly/Serenity these days. :)

Enjoy the Vicodin and take care of yourself!

perpleXd said...

Vicodin is great, it makes every position so comfortable ...especially lying down. Commercial vicodin is actually only 5% of the opiate derived vicodin, and 95% acetaminophin, which is really hard for the liver to process. Addiction to that stuff can quickly lead to cirrhosis.

Anonymous said...