Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adagio's Golden Spring

Hello again. Did you miss me?

Golden Spring is one of the four new hong cha that Adagio added a few months back. They were all quite good, particularly for the price. I very much enjoyed the Yunnan Noir in particular, but I drank it all. A proper review on that one will have to wait till I get some more.

The Golden Spring has a typical aroma. The dry leaves smell of honey and grain, while notes of its Fujian heritage come out in the medium brown liquor with a subtle golden hue.

It has a smooth and mellow flavor with a lingering sweetness that develops as the tea cools. A fine example of hong cha at a good price.

I very much love this pot. It is by far my favorite. I have had it for years now I have yet to tire looking at it. Its so simple and eligant. While most end up deleted, when every I use it to review a tea, I spend half the time snapping pictures of it.