Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Plan

Here's the plan...

As the number of my readers have modestly increased, I have been updating more, on average once a day. Realistically this is not a pace I am going to be able to maintain. For one work will soon be keeping me busy. I have to organize Fair Trade Month for our stores in Fort Worth and South Lake. After that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our bi-annual inventory in January, not to mention all the other events like the New Mexico Hatch Chile Event that will eat my face just as soon as I get back from vacation on Wednesday.

Aside from that I am also concerned that, as much fun as I am having with this blog now, it will become a chore. That and I am concerned that the overall quality will diminish by keeping up with daily posts, something some of you may think has already happened concerning the last post.

From here on out there will be three updates a week, more if I'm feeling skippy. Each post will cover one of the three areas that I seem to focus on.

  • Reviews on tea.
  • Reviews on new and old products that come into my store, sort of a guide to the "specialty" tea that you may find in stores in your area. (If there is nothing that catches my eye any given week, this will be replaced with a second tea review).
  • Reviews on miscellaneous tea related topics. Here you will find posts on tea ware, tea farms, and tea culture, books and what not.
An idea of what's to come:

Reviews on tea: Ali Shan (or why I should stop trying to drink high mountain oolongs or be forced to surrender my gaiwan). I have a shipment of various oolongs coming from Tea Spring, including a bing of Wu Yi yan cha and my first dan cong.

Store related products: I've extended on of our lines of bulk tea, we'll see if there's anything interesting there. Bottle tea blind taste test; we'll see which bottled green tea my customers prefer, Ito En or Adagio.

Miscellaneous: I'll take a look at what makes the Makaibari Estate so neat, and why Okakura Kakuzo's Book of Tea is about so much more than tea.

In the mean time, thank you to all who read this blog. I am having fun, but I know that there are at least two or three other tea blogs out there that you could spend your time reading, so thank you for your time.

Oh, and I "stole" that picture from the talented Sean O'brien. I hope he doesn't sue me, because I don't have any money. But you should check out his site, as he is very talented. Sean of Design.

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