Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Vithanakande Estate Ceylon OP

At some point last year, I decided that I had to have some of this, but soon after I realized that there are better, more delightful things to drink than black tea, particularly Indian black tea. So this has been sitting at the back of my cabinet ever since. I figured I'd dust if off and give it another try.

Tea: Ceylon OP
Origin: Sri Lanka, New Vithanakande
Year: 2005
Vendor: Silver Tips Tea Room
Price: $34/lb.

When I opened the tin the aroma was still quite strong and pleasant, distinctly akin to tobacco, and it brought with it memories of growing up in my father's wood shop. I always enjoyed the smell of his cigarette packs, sweet and rich and dark.

I used 3 g of leaf for 8 oz of spring water and steeped it in boiling water for 4 minutes. It was smooth, mildly astringent and just sort of tasted like tea. Like so many other teas from India that I have tried, there just wasn't anything that stood out about. A slice of lemon would probably have made it enjoyable.

I give this tea a 3. There isn't anything wrong with it, except that there isn't anything good about it. It will probably spend several more months in the back of my cabinet.

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