Monday, November 12, 2007

Weil for Tea

Ito En teamed up with Dr. Andrew Weil and released a line of tea bags, loose tea, and RTD cans.

Lest you think...I don't know what you might think, but I wish to make it unequivocally clear that I am here to explore the palatable, historical, cultural and aesthetic side of tea, not to perpetuate the current tea related health craze. If you drink tea for health, I think that is wonderful; we could all benefit from healthier lifestyles, but it is not my thing. I work with tea in a retail setting, and one can only sell so much wulong weight-loss tea before becoming a mite tetchy with the subject.

It turns out this stuff is quite good, standard disclaimers concerning ready to drink teas not withstanding. I brought home three flavors, Jasmine White, Gyokuro, and Darjeeling, all unsweetened and calorie free.

I think that these are the tree best RTD teas I've had. They are well balanced. Some unsweetened teas are too weak, watery, while others become overly astringent and unpleasant. These are flavorful, clean and fresh.

I have yet to try real Gyokuro, so I can not properly compare this one to anything. It is smooth, less astringent then Ito En's Just Green, kind of nutty. The Darjeeling was amazing for what it is. Possibly a blend, definitely a late season flush if not, but unmistakeably Darjeeling.

I am impressed. Never before have I had a bottled tea that had as much natural flavor without tasting over-steeped or relying on sweetener to mask the bitterness.


Steven Dodd said...

How expensive are these compared to regular Ito En RTDs? I figure throwing the name Weil on it will significantly boost its asking price since his other products are so expensive.

Space Samurai said...

Our retail is 2.29 for an eight ounce can.

Anonymous said...

awww man, i really wasn't going to taste this, being with Dr. Weil on it and all...
Now you made me want some :)

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite RTD teas. At a recent tea expo, I rushed the Ito En booth for samples and was gushing about my love for Jasmine White like a teenager at a boy band concert. What other RTD teas do you recommend?

Tracy said...

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