Saturday, November 24, 2007

2000 Commercial Half-Cooked Puerh

Another sample of half-cooked puerh, this one from ABX.

The sample came in a plastic bag, and there wasn't much aroma left, but rinsing the leaves for five seconds brought out the standard earthiness, but something different as well. Something sweet, and something, meaty. Together they reminded me of the sausage rolls you can get at donut shops.

I used all 4 grams and steeped for 1 min, 2 min, and 4 min.

The first infusion was light. There wasn't any of the pseudo-minty camphor, but it had the same cooling qualities of the other half-cooked pu. The second infusion the liquor progressed to a rich burgundy. Still cooling, but stronger, and a thinner mouth feel than a full shupu. Kind of sweet finish on the tip of the tongue. There was also something remotely vegetal, but watered down. The third infusion something else emerges, almost spicy at times, a different sweetness; its too fleeting for me to figure it out.

The wet leaves are comprised mostly of whole, larger leaves with smaller portions of stmes and smaller, tattered leaves.


Adrian Baxter said...

I'm glad it was well received :) I was having a hard time writing, so I didn't put the full name, but here's what that is:
2000 Commemorative 7562 -
(It's from, but they sell it for $10 cheaper on Amazon.)

I had mentioned to Bears^3 that I liked half cooked puerh, and he suggested the 7562, so I promptly bought it, and think it is indeed a good one.

You're right that the dry leaf doesn't have much aroma, but it doesn't on the brick either.

(Sorry for the double post, feel free to delete the one that went on the wrong blog entry.)

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