Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cha Dao Bottled Teas

A new line of teas from Cha Dao came in today.

Now this may all be a gimmick, who's to say, but Cha Dao describes their teas as "Fresh," meaning instead of a bottled tea that is shelf stable that could have been brewed over a year ago, these teas are kept refrigerated and have a relatively short shelf life. The one I'm drinking right now expires next Saturday.

Both the Sencha and the High Mountain Oolong taste over-brewed. They have a high level of astringency I find typical in many unsweetened bottled teas. The oolong does have a distinct jade oolong taste, setting it apart from the Ito en or Adagio oolong.

But the Yin Yang, a lightly sweetened blend of black tea and coffee is surprisingly good. Much better than my attempt to make a coffee tea. It is wonderfully balanced, both the coffee and the tea are distinct without overpowering the other. It has a very clean taste, nothing artificial. The 9 grams of sugar per 8 oz is almost perfect, in my opinion--I usually use 5-7 grams (one tsp.) for black tea.* As trite as it may be, Yin Yang is a fitting name for this tea.

*This is my public confession; yes, I use sugar in my tea. Only in my black tea, though. Never in anything else. The coffee drinker in my wants it to be strong, dark and sweet.


MarshalN said...

The coffee+tea is nothing more than a bottled version of Yuanyang, maybe without the milk (I'd imagine the drink will spoil very quickly with milk)

Very common in HK.

Space Samurai said...

Thanks marshal. Cha dao's website said it was a popular drink in Asia. I was curious about that, but didn't feel like sifting through the Google results for coffee tea.

You say 'nothing more' like that's a bad thing.

Garrett said...

I take it by "Popular drink in Asia" they mean China and/or Taiwan?

MarshalN said...

Mostly in Hong Kong, actually, although the drink is getting a little more popular elsewhere.

Well.... I said "nothing more"... meaning it's not a new thing.