Sunday, November 25, 2007

2000 Loose Shupu

This one is another generous sample from ABX.

The dry leaves appear standard, uniform in size and shape, varying in color from brown to khaki. Once again after rinsing their is a sweet, sausage-esque aroma.

I like to bully shu a bit when it comes to brewing it, try to get the strongest, most flavorful infusion without the tea turning on me, so I used 10 g/150 ml for 25 seconds. The liquor is a rather dark brown nearing black, and I wondered if I pushed it too far.

Yes. Yes, I did. There is an acidic bite similar to a coffee that has been poorly brewed. I can taste the "meat" I picked up in the aroma.

I scaled down the steeping time to 10 seconds, then 8 seconds after that. The tea is decent, smoother now, but I can't pick up on anything. Either it is too nuanced for me, or I fried my taste buds with the first batch, or both. The fourth steep developed an astringency that was less noticeable as the tea cooled, and it was sweeter. I went for a fifth steep, but I had to go help Molly hang some Christmas lights, so it went untouched, ending the session.

It was a good tea, but I think I was too rough with it. I'll be more gentle next time.


Adrian Baxter said...

This one is actually just a cheapy that surprised me. I got it from Serenity Art, half a pound for $20. It's not exactly amazing, but it's very good as an everyday shu. It's from 1999. I'll have to send you some of their other stuff one of these days as well :)

Melissa said...

heh...I was just skimming through and was going to say something about how artistic your photography's gotten as of late...but then I saw the netflix envelope. Minus 10 points for style, plus 50 points for sheer hilarity.

Space Samurai said...

lol, thanks mary.

I liked that picture because its the two things I spend the most of my free time on, tea and netflix.