Saturday, July 5, 2008

Multiple Infusions

Through out the world, tea is a drink of fellowship, something to be shared with friends, strangers and loved ones. But here it is often a solitary pastime. We drink alone, sometimes to the jeers of our families and co-workers. You may wish to share your passion with others, but inevitably their preconceptions and misconceptions get in the way.

So for companionship we turn to the Internet. Hell, I'm sure that's why tea blogs do well, so we can in some way share a cup of tea with friends we will never meet, but who nonetheless understand a part of us that those closest to us will always fail to get.

In this spirit I am grateful for those tea vendors and tea drinkers who do their part to bring us together. People like Lewis from Multiple Infusions. Thank you for helping create a place where us tea enthusiasts can gather.


Salsero said...

Awww, sweet.

Hobbes said...

Dear Alex,

I just discovered Lewis' site, too - I think I followed a link-back from Bears' blog. It's a great site, and I wish I'd found it earlier.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point. It really would be special to drink tea with others. I don't think about this much - since I'm always drinking solo. It just doesn't cross my mind.

The multipleinfusions site looks very interesting.

~ Phyll said...

"but inevitably their preconceptions and misconceptions"

That happened to me on a few occasions...there are those who are not as open to new experiences.

Lewis' Multiple Infusion looks great and inviting!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to drink tea with others more often, too. At my office I've got a small Japanese tray with four yunomi on the corner of my desk. It's there so that I can treat a coworker or two to whatever I'm drinking; however, so far there are only three or four people who have been interested. Still, the tray is always ready...

Lewis said...

Thanks again for the mention. :)

I had a friend at work I used to share tea time with. It was amazing how thoroughly we ignored our jobs while we were enjoying our tea.

We'd each pick a few teas from a single vendor, have our order shipped to work, and commence the tasting/ignoring ritual.

TeaChat doesn't quite replace her company, but it does soften the loss.

Anonymous said...

that is also what I friends always have fun on me for my passion...they don't understand.

It also happens that sometimes I am with friends who say that they love tea, and when I try to investigate about their knowledge of tea, they say that they love tea aromatized with vanilly, citron, mango...and they think that that is tea... Sometimes I prefer to not say nothing, anyway they couldn't understand...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Lewis's site. I have never visited before, but will after leaving here.

Great post. I am fortunate to have found a couple of co-workers who enjoy tea as much as I do. You are right, I often enjoy alone - my family thinks it's "weird".

It is true, I have met several people online in my search for other tea lovers like me. Enjoy your next cup... I'll think of you all as I enjoy mine.

ana dane said...

before i escaped from the office, i brewed tea constantly, and for anyone who came by my desk.

it really was the only way to make the place a tiny bit human. and whenever i have visitors to my home now, making them a cup of tea is my favorite thing to do.