Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Georgian Old Gentlemen

Thanks to Mary, I've had the chance to try something new, a black tea from Georgia. I didn't even know they grew tea in Eastern Europe.

This tea is made by Iuri in the village of Nasakirali and was picked in the Spring. The leaves look more like a yancha than any other black tea I've seen, long and twisted, fluffy. It has a very mild aroma, just a bit of fruit.

I think the parameters of 3g per 8 0z for 4 min. was perfect, though gong fu would be nice, too. The liquor is a beautiful honey brown.

To fully appreciate this tea, I think it must go unadulterated, lest you over power the nuances. It has the simplicity of a good Ceylon with the honey-sweetness of a dian hong and hints of fruit and spice in the finish. Classy, to use an emotive descriptor.

By the way, those seedless concord grapes were amazing.


Anonymous said...

I'm an italian tea blogger.
I follow your blog with great interest, your photos are very beautiful as what you write.
Thanks, see you.

ana dane said...

this looks fascinating...wonder where i can find some in ny. i love making georgian food, and this would be an ideal accompaniment.

Jonah said...

Check out this video about the health benefits of tea... made it myself..
Jonah Nelson


Space Samurai said...

Jonah posted the same comment a few times, so I almost rejected them, but the video is kind of cute, so check it out if you want.

Acilia, thanks for the kind words.

Unknown said...

Love these shots. What inspired you to include the grapes in the photographs?

Space Samurai said...

Thanks, Thirsy. Don't know what inspired me exactly. Had some grapes, they were yummy.

I guess after a while you have to start trying to find ways to spice up the pictures, so its not blog after blog with the same tea cup with various shades of brown, red, or green tea in it.

I've also been getting more into food and cooking, so I guess its possible the different hobbies are blending together.

VlckovaBarbora said...

I love your blog!

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Anonymous said...

I very much like your blog! Are you sure this is a black tea? I went to their website and it says it is a white tea...Please let me know if you find out it is indeed a black tea -- I'm desperately trying to find a Georgian black tea like one I once tasted a restaurant. My e-mail is Harvardtutor1@gmail.com

Ice tea recipes said...

Sounds good.