Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Another Tea Blog has a new toy.

On Monday I purchased a Nikon D40 Digital SLR to replace my Fujifilm Fine Pix A345. It is obscene how much I love this camera.


Hobbes said...

Now we're talking.

I think the love I hold for mine (a D40X - what's the difference?) is similarly obscene.

Get onto the "M" mode as soon as possible for maximum quality.



Space Samurai said...

Right now I'm on "P"

Carlo said...

I'm glad I discovered this blog!
My name is Carlo, I live near Milan. I felt in love with tea some years ago, brewing my first cups of Darjeeling. Now I am fond first of Japanese green tea, and even of Chinese and Indian tea.

It will take much time to me to read all these interesting articles!



speakfreely said...

I Love my Nikon SLR Digital. The thing I found hard to adjust to with digital cameras was the delay between pressing the button and the beep. Nothing better than that satisfying ker-chunk that tells you the shutter is open and then closed.

Cap & Kettle said...

I too am the proud owner of a D40 (the D40x has a slight boost in megapixel power and I think some kind of ISO advantage...but don't call me on that.) Hope the camera treats you well.