Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rishi Sencha Superior

I was at Whole Foods the other day, doing a bit of work-related reconnaissance, and I saw that at some point since my last visit they started carrying this. My sencha stash is running low, and shincha is still a month away, so I purchased about 20g.

Sencha Superior is a light steamed, asamushi, sencha from Shizuoka.

The aroma is a bit under-stated, though it came from a bulk bin, so that is to be expected. The dry leaves smell fruity, a smell I tend to associate Chinese greens with. I put the leaves in a heated pot, and the more typical, herbaceous scent of sencha emerges.

I love the texture of this pot once its been preheated. I always fondle it before the tea goes in.

I played around with this a bit, a using a slightly lower temperature and 4 grams for a minute fifteen really hit the spot.

The tea is light and fruity like a Chinese green, but with a bit more umph to it. A good change of pace from the more aggressive fukamushicha. The leaves are good for at least three infusions.

I bought a tripod for my new camera--Salsero was right; a whole new world of gotta-haves.

This camera is helping me discover a whole new passion for photography. Like the difference between talking about sex, and having sex.


Cap & Kettle said...

And which tripod is that? I'm currently working with a cheap one left over from my ornithology days and am looking to get something a bit better.

Space Samurai said...

Hi Cap, so it took me a while to get back to you.

Its a Sunpak 5200D. It got poor reviews, but I only wanted to spend $20, and the other one in that price range was hideous IMO.

I just re-read the reviews, and it sounds like people were using it for video... I haven't had any probelms with it yet.