Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Week in Tea

When I said that "This Week in Tea" would be a weekly or bi-monthly post, I think I meant to say bi-annual.

First up I'd like to have a moment of silence for our tea friend and TeaChatter, Bhale, and his kikumaru. Let me say here that which can not be adequitely expressed in the forum: dude, that fucking sucks.

Bhale and others have been working on wikiCHA, a wiki dedicated solely to tea. They have made some wonderful progress, and I am excited to see it grow, so check it out and please feel free to give them a hand. I would, but I'm lazy and stupid. Seriously, HTML owns me. If you've ever wondered why you can't get half of my pictures to open when you click on them, that's why.

Theme weeks are coming back, as all the reviews I have coming up fit in tidy little catagories.

*Dan Cong Week: Six varieties of Dan Cong from Tea Habitat and Tea Spring.
*Japanese Week 2: Den's Tea Maki, Shin-ryoku, Miyabi, Guricha, Houji-Genmai, and Powdered Sencha, plus a book review on Soshitsu Sen's Chado.
*"Specialty" Tea Week: Two Leaves and a Bud, Teance, and The E&A Tea Company. At least one of them wont suck.


Salsero said...

I really like the "About Me" photo of you. It makes you look dynamic and centered at the same time.

Brandon said...

Dynamic indeed. He is keeping his pimp hand strong.

Wow thanks for the wiki shout!

MarshalN said...

I must say that all our journies in tea are littered with bits of broken teaware. I'm raking up the kills myself, with at least three gaiwans, a few cups, and misc other things.