Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2007 Dan Cong Ao Iu Hou

...or so my chicken scratch declares it to be, and ever shall it be so.

This tea comes from Tea Habitat.

For more about Dan Cong, check out its page on wikiCHA.

I know dan cong comes from Guangdong, but is it considered a yancha? Does the term refer only to Wuyi oolong? Either way the leaves are gorgeous; it is always a delight to photograph oolong such as this.

Aroma: When placed in a heated gaiwan there is the delightful smell of peaches followed by a subtle but distinct note of charcoal. When rinsed, the charcoal is subdued, replaced by something green.

The first infusion is moderately bodied with a smokey astringency that's not to0 strong. On a peachy scale, I'd give it a 3/5. With the second and third infusions, the peachiness and astringency seem to go hand in hand, together becoming more subdued. The third steep is sweeter than the first two.

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