Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1986 Fenghuang Dan Cong

After reading so much about aged oolong from Marshal's blog, I was very excited to try this, the third and last dan cong from Tea Habitat--their site is still under construction, so no link.

It has the most unique aroma of the six, not peachy at all; it smells fermented, to me at least. There is a also the familiar aged scent of puerh. I can't help but think that there is more information in the aroma than I can perceive.

The first infusion was creamy, soft, sweet, then a bit of peach, light bodied. Smooth. The second infusion was consistant with the first in color and flavor. The third was lighter and less creamy. The fourth was a step above tea water.

This one was my favorite. I loved the softer profile of peaches and cream. I think this tea has a lot of promise, and I want to explore it further. I will buy more the next time I am shopping for an oolong. My curiosity is thoroughly piqued, and I can see why Marshal is fond of aged oolong. It has character and depth.


Brent said...

Here's the url to her temporary (?) storefront, if you don't have it already.

toki said...

Aged puerh character from a DC! Wow, very interesting.... -Toki

MarshalN said...

What infusion is that you pictured? Awfully light in colour!

How much tea did you use?

Imen said...

Pictured tea is too light for an 22 years old tea. I think this might be the Yu Lan Xiang. The pictures in your Yu Lan Xiang post is the 86 DC.


Space Samurai said...

Imen is correct. Not sure how I got them mixed up, but I did. Its fixed now.

Space Samurai said...

Marshal, guess that answers your question. : )