Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Dubious Sheng

This is the puerh that I refereed to in my lan gui ren review.

It was sourced by Roy Fong of Imperial Tea Court for The Republic of Tea, who sold it to my store and a few others as an exclusive. The rep from TROT told me he thinks it is about seven years old. They refused to tell me anything more about it. The original cake came in a paper bag, no wrapper, so no luck there, either.

For quite a while, I considered this the worst sheng, and possibly the worst puerh, I've tried, but the tourist tuo cha from the other day now has the honor. I thought it a good idea to give it another chance, if we had any left.

Dry leaf: The leaves in the larger piece are darker in color, while the smaller piece is lighter. I don't know if this is due to the position of the leaves in the cake, or if it may be a difference in the grade of the tea used. The cake was loosely compressed, the leaves easy to separate without breaking.

I would describe this tea as dry. Smokey, but no fruit or sweetness, and it turned on me quickly. The third and fourth infusions becoming quite astringent, developing that dry mouth feel.

I think I might take back what I said in the beginning; the tourist tuo cha may be better than this.

The wet leaves are nice, though, some stems and pieces, but lots of whole leaves.

If any puerh aficionados out there can tell me something more about this tea by looking at the leaves, I'd be curious to here what you have to say.


MarshalN said...

Something about those leaves don't look right -- some are too round, others look like oolong leaves.

They also look very thin.

Do you have a whole cake of this? Care to take a picture of that?

Space Samurai said...

Unfotrunately, I do not.

Thanks for the feedback though. So pu leaves shouldn't be too thin.

MarshalN said...

Pu leaves can be very thin. The ones that are probably aren't very good...

But these look funny.

Space Samurai said...

:( we got screwed.

Unknown said...

Fortunately the review is better than the tea :). Was this tea last of this 'puerh batch' or can we expect more reviews soon?

Space Samurai said...

Yeah, this is the last of the pu. Fortunately the shupu sold out already, somehow. That stuff was dreadful. Thin and bitter.

Of the teas that were sourced, all that's really left are some yellow teas and a bit of something from Ceylon. I am not planning on reveiwing them unless I ged desperate for something to write about one week.