Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Week in Tea

This is something new that I've thought of doing for a while, a weekly or bi-monthly post with links to various news letters and videos or other tea-related tidbits that don't warrant an entire post but are interesting, nonetheless.

A newsletter from Hibiki an about organic farming in Japan. Click Me.

This is a spoof on Japanese tea that Ian from Teachat was kind enough to show us. I got a kick out of it. Click Me, Too.

Amanda Hymson from CHOW e-mailed me a this link quite a while back, so its nothing new, an interview with James Norwood Pratt. And Me!

Next week is Sheng Week.


MarshalN said...

There's a whole series of the Japanese tradition stuff. The sushi one is the best.

Anonymous said...

The James Norwood Pratt video's were simply amazing.