Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shimizu Genji-san (Or possibly Hokujo?)

This is Shimizu Genji-san, quite possibly my favorite man in all of Japan. At the very least he is by far my favorite artist in Tokoname. I am positively mad about this guy.
Over the last year I purchased his Yakishime Tetsuki Samashi and Kabuse Ushirode. I spent several months Googleing him in my desperate attempts to find more his work, but I was s.o.l. I even emailed Rishi and had a conversation with Sean O'leary about it, but his works were no where to be found on the web.

Until now.

(edit: look at this, I used noticed three times in two sentences. Would someone please hit me upside the head with a thesaurus).

I was browsing through the link I left in my last post, when I noticed a kyusu that I really liked. I took a closer look, and noticed how familiar the style was, then I noticed Shimizu-san's chop and rejoiced.

Here is a link to a larger gallery of his work: Shimizu Hokujo

In celebration of the opportunity to throw away more money on superfluous tea pots, I will get off of my ass tomorrow and finally right a review.


Mary R said...

Absolutely gorgeous pots. I must stop clicking your links or my credit card will magically appear in my hands and then...

The Valley Girl Syndrome.

Brandon said...

The link you mention has moved to here.