Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Luna Tea Cakes

Since I work at Central Market, I get to sample all the new trendy stuff, that I would otherwise not waste money on. This gives me a chance to do a public service. Wondering about that new tea you saw at the grocery store but hesitant to degrade yourself and buy it, now you can just come here, and I can either satiate your curiosity or convince you its worth trying after all.

We got the Luna tea cakes shortly after received the new TROT RTD (Ready to Drink) Luna Teas (and if you are wondering what those taste like, their complete crap. I can't sell them and had to send about 60 cases back to the vendor). They come in three flavors, Vanilla Macadamia, Berry Pomegranate, and Orange Blossom. You can go here to look at their website and browse the nutritional information if you are curious.

All in all they're not that bad, though they are more of a Cliff Bar than a tea cake. The Vanilla Macadamia was my favorite. They have a decent texture and are not too sweet, but personally I say go with a Lara Bar.

I give the Luna Tea Cakes a 3.3. (The Lara Bars get a 5).

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