Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tomasini's Challenge

Earlier today at Teachat, Tomasini challanged everyone to a tea drinking contest. I don't think anyone decided on any rules, but here are my results. In retrospect, I shouldn't have had three diet cokes before I started.

5:54 pm, 8 oz of dian hong from Xishuangbanna.
6:23 pm, 8 oz of autumnal darjeeling from the Makaibari Estate
6:44 pm, 8 oz of bai hao yin zhen, first infusion
7:07 pm, 8 oz of bai hao yin zhen, second infusion
7:34 pm, 8 oz of bai hao yin zhen, third infusion
8:04 pm, 8 oz of keemun hao ya
8:29 pm, 8 oz of fukamushicha from Kagoshima, first infusion
8:54 pm, 8 oz of fukamushicha, second infusion
(at this point I realise I don't particularly care for fukamushi)
9:29 pm, 8 oz of golden needle from Xishuangbanna
10:07 pm, 4 oz of qi lan, gong-fu first infusion
10:17 pm, 4 oz of qi lan, second infusion
10:30 pm, 4 0z of qi lan, third infusion
10:38 pm, 4 oz of qi lan, fourth infusion
12:33 am, 4 oz of lan gui ren, gong-fu first infusion
12:45 am, 4 oz of lan gui ren, second infusion.
12:46 am, vow never to drink lan gui ren again.
1:02 am, I think briefly about moving on to the kukicha, then decide, fuck that, I'm done.

Total: 96 oz in just over 7 hours. Don't think I won.


Mary R said...

Yowza. And I thought I drank a lot of tea.

I just about fell off my chair giggling when I saw "12:46 am, vow neverto drink lan gui ren again." 'Tis vile stuff, to be certain.

Space Samurai said...

Ah hell, someone found my blog. That means I have to start updating.

Mary R said...

Not only did I find your blog...I posted a link to it on mine. Mwah-ha-ha!!!