Thursday, January 2, 2003

Tea Avatars

Ukiyo e, "Pictures of the Floating World," was a style of paintings produced in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868). The Floating World refers to the theater, sumo, and pleasure quarters, and their corresponding culture in Edo (Tokyo), Kyoto and Osaka.

I saw an Ukiyo e exhibit last year and fell in love with the art, though pictures in a book are nothing like the real thing.

Ukiyo e could be very naughty at times--not appropriate for use on public forums, but I did add a few mild ones. Strictly PG-13 stuff.


Brent said...

Very cool, Alex! They look great.

Rachel said...

oThank you so much!

James Byrd said...

Would be honored to be included on your list of blogs,

Love the avatars.

Space Samurai said...

Hi James, thank you.

When I get the list set up (and I'm not just linking to someone esle's), I'll be happy to add your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

Oh! I love these avatars. Thank you for making them available to the foodie community.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Alex! I read your blog Serious.
Thank you so much

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