Thursday, January 2, 2003

Tea Vendors

Vendors marked with * indicate that I have personally done business with them and I was satisfied or pleased with the transaction.

Vendors marked with :( indicate that The Republic of Tea are a bunch of fucktards and I don't think anyone should give them money.

Adagio *
Artistic Nippon *
Art of Tea

Bigelow Tea

Canton Tea Co
China Mist
Choice Organic Tea *

Davidson's Tea
Den's Tea *
Dragon Tea House (eBay)
Dragon Water Tea Co.

E&A Tea Co.

Fun Alliance *


Hankook Tea Company
Harney & Sons
Hibiki-an *
Honest Tea
Houde Asian Art *

Imperial Tea Court *
In Pursuit of Tea
Ito en

Jing Tea Shop
Just 4 Tea *


Lupicia Tea

Matcha and More
Matcha Source *
Mighty Leaf *
Magokorodo (eBay)

Numi Tea
New Mexico Tea Co.

O-cha Green Tea *
Octavia Tea
Original Ceylon Tea Co.

PG Tips
Portsmouth Tea Co
Puerh Shop


Red Blossom Tea Co. *
Republic of Tea :(
Rishi-Tea *

Silk Road Trade (eBay) *
Silver Leaf Tea
Silver Tips Tea *
Simpson & Vail Inc.

Tao of Tea
Taylors of Harrogate
T Ching *
Tea Cuppa
Tea Forte
Tea Spring *
T Factor Teas *
Third Street Chai
Two Leaves and a Bud

Upton Tea Imports




Yunnan Sourcing LLC (eBay)

Zencha *
Zhena's Gypsy Tea


Anonymous said...

I noticed that Ito-En is missing. That is one of my favorite spots for loose leaf tea. They often have small amounts of higher grade teas that they only sell through their store in NYC. Although it is a Japanese company, and they therefore have great Japanese teas, their Chinese and other teas are also top quality, although pricey. The site is at
I think their bottled teas are the best too.

Space Samurai said...

Thank you, I over looked them.

I agree their RTD teas are superior to most others.

Edgar said...

Could you please add Canton Tea Co (

We are a UK based tea company selling high grade, whole leaf tea from China and Taiwan.

olim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olim said...

Would you be willing to add Tea Forte (

Thank you!

nada said...

Hi Alex,
Would you be happy to add my small store to your list...

nada. said...

I hate to be 'one of those vendors', but you don't seem to mind a shop owner mentioning their company. Try looking into:
I carry lots of Japanese and Chinese tea ware and some lovely teas...if I do say so myself. I'm adding a couple of new oolongs right this minute and that's how I found your blog. I enjoyed visiting, thanks for tea blogging! ~Mary

Mio said...

I lived in China for a while and grew to love Chinese greens and Fujian Wulongs. My favourite source for these outside of China (I've tried A LOT of Tea for this place) is Xiu Xian Tea:

Other WONDERFUL lose leaf tea vendors:
Floating Leaves in Seattle (VERY BEST Taiwanese/Formosa Wulong you will find IN THE States.


TeaFox - Some incredible Sencha and Gyokuro here. Farm fresh as well!

p.S> I noticed Taos of Tea from Portland on your list. Their 500 Mile Chai, Jin Xuan wulong, and HM Nilgiri is quite special. I hope you see for yourself someday.

Enjoy your tea!

Marc Leahy said...

Someone mentioned floating leaves tea in seattle - another worthwhile vendor is all organic and good quality for what I've tried.

Unknown said...

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Mia| jasmine green tea said...

Good list and there's a lot of them :) This is my first visit to your blog, and I can see so much information on different varieties of tea in here, I'll keep coming back and dig some more of your post.
Thanks :)

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