Friday, May 2, 2008

2007 Da Ye Wuyi

This is a lightly roasted yancha from TeaCuppa.

They describe it as an affordable, daily oolong made from leaves that are not qualified for higher grade teas such as da hong pao.

I stuffed my tiny pot with leaves.

All the flavor is up front, light and floral, with bits of honey. This is a time to use bull shit adjectives like unpretentious in order to convey this tea's positive, unassuming simplicity. Not very nuanced, but pleasant; a beer with the guys kind of tea.

For me the leaves pay out after about four infusions.


Anonymous said...

Interesting description..."beer with the guys kind of tea"...

This leads me to ask, what would you classify as a champagne or wine with the girls type of tea? :-)

Aaron said...

space samurai,

I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I've been looking at various tea blogs as a way to amuse myself/ learn/ relax, and yours has so far been the best. Please keep it up. I need to develop my palate, and I'll definitely be using your reviews as reference points.


Anonymous said...

Space -

That first photo is just stunning. I love the detail. Looks like that D40 is really working hard for you.

Are you using any touch up software yet?