Monday, March 17, 2008

Tea Table Update

Today I received the small bamboo tea tray that Republic of Tea sent me to replace my leaky one. It leaks, too, and was in the same poor condition as the first one. I appreciate their customer service and efforts to rectify the situation, but clearly the product is crap. Don't buy one.


Salsero said...

Your warning is not lost on me, and I sure appreciate you sharing your experience.

I am hoping your camera-work will do for oolong what you have done for Japanese teas.

By the way, I noticed something you had said the other day in TeaChat: "I used to dislike tgy, but then I had one I really liked a lot, and now I can taste that in other tgy." For me this was a flash of insight about how our palates develop in the face of new things.

Anonymous said...

How about we just leave TRoT in the dust forever and ever? All in favor?

Space Samurai said...

Thanks Sal. Your support and flattery are always appreciated.

Space Samurai said...

Anonymous, I am in complete agreement. I was all ready a little disgusted with myself when I purchased it in the first place. This was the last time I think that any of their stuff might be okay.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Summer said...

I agree with you that all their stuff is crap. I work in a store that carries their teas and I have to bite my tongue each time someone buys it.

I have however informed our store buyer about the trays. So thankfully, those won't be on our shelves.

Bill said...

I can't believe they not only refunded your money they also sent you a replacement! SHEESH! A blog is a powerful thing! LOL

Space Samurai said...

Yes, cos as Chip said, two leaky trays are better than one.

And the "refund" was more of a credit that was used to pay for the replacement tray.


MarshalN said...

I remember buying a tray in China that leaked right away too.

The cheap Chinese bamboo ones just leak on command, unfortunately, so generally I stay away from these unless I can handle it in person or know I will get a refund. Even the well built ones leak eventually.... and I'm not sure if they're worth all the money because of that definite lifespan.

Stick with the plastic trays if you have to do mail order :)

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