Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Free Stuff Makes me Smile Like a Dumb Ass

Update: So far the samples from Just4Tea have been quite good. I'll post the reviews next week, one for each day:

The Tea Fairy visited me today and left lots of free goodies for me to experiment with.


Mary R said...

Damn...I want the Tea Fairy to visit me too! What do I put under my pillow? A teacup?

Wes Crosswhite said...

Heaven, or hell?

Space Samurai said...

So far a bit of both, I suppose.

The stuff from Just4Tea has been good to great.

The straight matcha was definitely inferior to anything from o-cha, but it has been good to have something to compare.

The sweet matcha...its mostly just sugar. So far I've just used it in milk and stuff, but its "good" in the same way if you added a tbsp of sugar. I have hopes for the ginger matcha, but we shall see...