Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kikumaru Kyusu

This is for Mary, who requested a review on the Kikumaru Kyusu from Rishi.

Diameter: 3.73 in.
Height: 2 in. (not including lid)
Volume: 9 oz.
Price: $55
Imported by Rishi-Tea

This was my second teapot from Tokoname, and since I gave the first one away some time ago, it is the one I've had the longest. I dedicated it to white tea, and in some of the pictures you can see the patina that has built up over time. The name translates to round (maru) chrysanthemum (kiku).

Like the Fukugata the elegance of this pot is found in its simplicity.

And as you can see, it is not particularly large. I like to make white tea in 8 oz portions, so I find it to be the perfect size.

The spout is designed well to prevent dripping, more on that in a bit, and the lid is a perfect fit.

The sasame is wonderful, slightly finer than the one in the Fukugata. When looking for a Tokoname pot, or Japanese teapots in general, the sasame is the first thing I look at. If the filter is high quality, than odds are the teapot is as well, and this sasame is the best I've seen.

Another important aspect of a good pot to consider is does it have a "leaky bottom." If the pot is designed and crafted well, it will not drip or drain while pouring. The video will demonstrate what I'm talking about.

Like the Fukugata, I think this is a wonderful teapot at a good price. If you are looking to purchase you first Tokoname pot, I still say start with the Fukugata. You will get the same functionality for $20 less. If you are looking for your second pot, or don't mind paying a little more for a marginally better pot, do not pass this one up.


Salsero said...

Nice post and I loved the video, it really makes your point clearly.


~ Phyll said...

A very nice pot. I tempted to get one!

Nienna said...

Your post convinced me to buy Kikumaru and it's the best teapot I've ever had. Thanks :)