Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shimizu Genji-san Update

When will the Shimizu-thon end?!

This morning someone emailed me these pictures. I enjoyed them, so of course I'm going to assume that you will, too.

Update: Okay, these pictures were provided by a French company, Tamayura. And for people who can't get enough of this stuff, go here. (Thanks wehayley).

Whoever sent me these pictures, thank you very much, and I hope its okay that I posted them here. If not, I will remove them right away.

Come back soon for a blog entry that has nothing to do with Japanese potters or even Japan.


Aj said...

but you have a good thing going - why fight it?

enjoying your blog!


Aj said...

look - if the Japanese tea/tea vessel thang is working for you, go with it! No need to change it up if you have a good thing going :)

Enjoying your blog!