Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adagio's Golden Spring

Hello again. Did you miss me?

Golden Spring is one of the four new hong cha that Adagio added a few months back. They were all quite good, particularly for the price. I very much enjoyed the Yunnan Noir in particular, but I drank it all. A proper review on that one will have to wait till I get some more.

The Golden Spring has a typical aroma. The dry leaves smell of honey and grain, while notes of its Fujian heritage come out in the medium brown liquor with a subtle golden hue.

It has a smooth and mellow flavor with a lingering sweetness that develops as the tea cools. A fine example of hong cha at a good price.

I very much love this pot. It is by far my favorite. I have had it for years now I have yet to tire looking at it. Its so simple and eligant. While most end up deleted, when every I use it to review a tea, I spend half the time snapping pictures of it.


Bret said...

Cool, I also have that teapot as well as one of Hokujos side handled teapots. Wouldnt part with them for anything. But I do stick to using them for Sencha or Houjicha only. I also have a boxed set of 5 Yunomi and saucers, that one really hurt $240.00 ouch!

Space Samurai said...

That's awesome, Bret. I have five Hokujo items total. This one which I use for hong cha, a side-handled mogake for sencha, and two samashi and a chawan.

Brent said...

Nice to see you post again! You seem to have found some good light to take photos with. :) I've been thinking of buying some dian hong-- so the Yunnan Noir is the best one from Adagio?


Space Samurai said...

Hey Brent, the yunnan noir is the one I like the most. By definition the yunnan gold is probably "the best," but I prefer maltiness and depth of a "lower" grade like the noir.

As for the light, I think its a combination of better natural light as spring and summer approach and practice, practice, practice is starting to yield useable photos.

Grinnyguy said...

I have had a couple of teas from Yunnan and always found they have a very good flavour.

I feel very ignorant asking this, but what is a hong cha? Or indeed a dian hong (from Brent)? Is it a chinese term - I know cha is tea in chinese but haven't heard hong

Good teapot too, a nice glass one of mine broke the other day :-(

Space Samurai said...

Hong means red, so hong cha is Chinese for red tea, their name for black tea. While I guess any black tea could be hong cha, I use the term to refer to a black tea from China.

Dian is an old name for Yunnan, so dian hong cha means a red tea from Yunnan.

Ian Freeman said...

Glad to see you post again Alex! I do enjoy the ineffable coolness of a blog about tea and photography.

It always surprises me how much tea paraphernalia can cost, even though I occasionally drool at the fancy equipment I might someday be able to afford. $240 for a teapot? Ouch.

Saretta said...

Olè! You're back!
I like the deep yellow hue of tips...almost overwhelming on darker leaves.
I've been used to stronger dian hong cha, notes of chestnut and undergrowth plants, but now I'm curious about this one. What can you tell me about the "meaty" aftertaste mentioned in Adagio's tea description? Did you find it in tea tasting and was it a pleasant note?

Bill said...

Ahhh Space, a fantastic Pot!! Good to see you back! Great as always.

Green Tea said...

Good to read your posts again. I love the golden tips of Yunnan. From the photo this tea appears to be relatively low quality Yunnan though. I'd recommend trying a Yunnan with more golden tips this bring out more of the honey notes you were talking about.

zoo said...

It is great pot indeed.The pleasure is to drink from that pot.Great. said...

Oooooh Golden Spring, one of my favorites by far!

Caroline@SippinDrinks said...

I want a cup of tea right now! This is a sweet article though I love the old teapots

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The teapots are lovely..the shots are perfect.

Hairstyles said...

I want to try this one out..looks really yummy. :)

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I would love to have teapots and tea cups as lovely as these! Will surf online for them.

Anonymous said...

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chai said...

the pot looks like a traditional Chinese one. I like to try my favorite chai tea in this ancient pot

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