Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taiwan Wuyi

A wuyi oolong varietal from Taiwan. It came from Floating Leaves Tea and was a sample given to me by a kind person who continues to expand my oolong horizons.

The leaves are a dark, rich green with the occasional stem. It smells like berries. I stuffed my little pot and used short infusions.

It tastes like peaches and apricots with a friendly astringency, sweet after taste, and medium mouthfeel. Similar to this dan cong from Tea Spring.


Brent said...

Ooh, I'm glad someone sent you some of this, I thought it was pretty good. How do you like it?


Space Samurai said...

lol, guess I forgot to mention what I actually thought of it.

It was really good. I liked it quite a bit.

Brett said...

That is a very lovely tea. Thanks for giving some attention to my dear friends at Floating Leaves!

Tim Bowen said...

Great photo

Bret said...

Wanna try something really interesting? Hou De has a tea thats a mix of two different cultivars, Wuyi and Chin Shin. Grown in Taiwan. Very interesting stuff, the tea has distinct aspects of both cultivars. I had reviewed this tea on Hou Des site and described it as being a mad scientist experiment. A.K.A. Frankenstein Oolong. haha

RTea said...
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Shiuwen said...

I am very happy to know that you like our Taiwan Wuyi. This tea is made from a tea friend of mine in Taiwan. I will pass the comment to my friend.
I am currently working on a Jin Xuan roasted oolong and a high mountain roasted oolong. If you like roasted oolong, let me know. I will send you some samples.
Thank you for liking the tea.

Shiuwen Tai
Floating Leaves Tea

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