Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to hold a gaiwan like a pro... ; )

By special request, for my "retarded" friends. Their words, not mine.


Oh, note for safety: if you are inexperienced with a gaiwan or this method, practice with cold water first.


MarshalN said...

Hmmm, this is the "thumb" school :)

I am in the "index finger" school.

Bamboo Forest said...

Thumb school all the way!

Steven Dodd said...

I'm with Marshall on the index finger school. I like to think of it as using a paw or bear claw. Hold lid down with a straight index finger at the second knuckle, grip vessel with thumb and other three (or more) fingers.

Mary R said...

I was a proud member of the index finger school...until I dropped my favorite gaiwan. Now I'm a card-carrying member of the league of thumbs. I think it's just a bit more sturdy, and with my fingers under the saucer and my thumb on the cooler knob, a lot less painful.

Molly said...

What's with the little swirl of the hand there towards the end? Flair? Is that FLAIR!?